Myths About Pregnancy

1) Salt can lead to swelling during pregnancy
Fact: Salt is an essential nutrient, even when you are pregnant it should not be removed from your diet completely . Some swelling in pregnancy is normal. Howeverif your swelling is excessive (talk to your doctor!) then you may want to consider the other foods you are eating to be sure you are getting enough protein and water. Rule of thumb, use salt only for taste, you may use herbs to flavour your food and thus reduce the over consumption of salt.
2) The baby knows what nutrients to take from you.
Fact: Your baby is being built from many nutritional components including protein, a nutrient that your body uses to build tissues, but does not store extra quantities for use in building your baby. If you are not eating adequate protein, your health will suffer as your body begins to break down your tissues (muscle) to feed the baby. The only source of protein your baby has is from the food you eat.
3) If you eat less, the baby will take some of the extra fat off you.
Fact: Your baby is not being built from much fat. Fat is a way your body stores glucose, the main source of energy for your body. The difference is that glucose can not be made into protein to build your baby’s tissues. If you are not eating enough, your body will have to break down tissues (muscle) to build the baby from .
4) A low fat diet will help keep the extra weight off.
Fact: Fat is essential to your body’s metabolism and as a source of energy . Too much food of any type will be stored by your body for later use as fat. Low fat diets can be dangerous in pregnancy because most foods considered “fatty” are good sources of protein, such as eggs, meats and cheese. There are “healthy” fats and “unhealthy” fats and you need to avoid the unhealthy fats from junk and processed foods A diet low in protein foods is equally not desirable in pregnancy.
5) Sleeping or taking a nap on your back will hurt your baby
Fact: While you won’t harm your baby if you sleep in this position, you will feel better if you sleep on your side. Experts recommend sleeping on your left side since this is known to increase blood flow to your uterus and placenta.
6) For fair complexion of babies, eat saffron or oranges
Fact: This has no significance as skin complexion is largely dependent upon your genetic inheritance. Food does not have any influence upon baby’s skin complexion.
7) Having ghee or butter in last month of pregnancy smoothens the delivery
Fact: Having a normal delivery depends on many factors such as the shape of mother’s pelvis, the size of the fetus and the presentation of the fetus. Though ghee forms an integral part of the Indian traditional diet, there is no harm in having ghee or butter, but the key is moderation.
8) Pregnancy and back ache go together
Fact: Backaches in pregnancy can be minimized by having correct postures and by doing gentle back exercises. Try to keep your spine straight.
9) If you take iron tablets, your baby will be dark !
Fact: If you take iron tablets, your baby will be dark !
10) A pregnant woman has to fulfill all her food cravings.
Fact: All expectant mothers develop likes and dislikes towards certain foods. Craving for a particular food is known as “Pica”. One should indulge with moderation, as desire for wrong foods may not benefit neither the mother nor the baby. On the contrary, she may gain a lot of unadvisable weight, which will come in her way of getting back into shape later on.
11) During the 2nd pregnancy, a woman does not require any preparation, nor does she need exercise.
Fact: Each pregnancy is different and no two labours are alike. Hence, preparation is essential even in the 2nd pregnancy. She especially needs to pay more attention to exercising well so that the muscles do not become slack. Abdominal strengthening will enable her to get the right support for carrying the baby.
12) If you are happy and think positive, the baby will grow better.
Fact: True. Mother’s moods have a great effect on the baby. During stress, the body chemistry alters. Hence, try and be cheerful and optimistic throughout pregnancy.