Q1. What are the earliest signs that I’m expecting?
Fatigue, nausea, frequent urination, aversions to foods that you normally love, morning sickness, breast swelling and tenderness, and a missed period if you are very regular with menstruation.
Q2. What food to eat during vomiting episodes /morning sickness?
Ans. Dry biscuits, toast, lemon , fruits, peppermint (avoid peppermint if heartburn)
Q3. What can I eat to feel fresh and energetic?
Ans. Small and frequent healthy snacks like fruits, vegetable salad etc
Q4. What should I eat to reduce swelling on my feet?
Ans. Food which has more of starch and less of water. eg : bottle guard, sprouts and legumes. Low sodium diet.(less intake of salt ), moderate consumption of coconut water.
Q5. What should I eat to avoid heartburn/Acidity?
Ans. Small and frequent meals, milk at room temperature/cold milk.Avoid spicy food. Watermelon can also help to cool burning sensation . dry biscuits or toast early morning when you wake up.
Q6. Why protein is important during pregnancy?
Ans. To reduce the incidence of still birth, abortions, pre-term delivery etc.
To prevent complications due to malnutrition (underweight/ overweight) and for management of anemia, diabetes, hypertension etc.
For successful completion of gestation and to get ready for breast feeding to ensure normal birth weight of the new born.
It is required for the rapid growth of the foetus, Also for the enlargement of the uterus, mammary glands,and placenta,
Q7. Why calcium is important during pregnancy?
Ans. Calcium is required for the growing fetal bones and also for reserve for the mother during lactation. It is required for the Optimization of bone mass ,Nerve impulses, Heart contraction and Muscle contraction.
Q8. Why folic acid and iron is important during pregnancy?
Ans.Folic acid helps in brain growth,visual development & higher birth weightsynthesis of essential components of DNA and RNA. Iron is Required for the formation of hemoglobin, growth of foetus and placenta.
Q9. What kind of food is good for baby’s brain development?
Foods rich in omega – 3 fatty acids . eg.walnut, almond, fish.
Q10. What are the important food that I can take to supplementmy vegetarian diet?
For protein source milk and milk products , pulses and beans,legumes,dry fruits and vegans can include more of nuts and seeds like pumpkin, etcand protein supplement powder recommended by doctor.
Q11. What symptoms should I report to my doctor?
Severe headaches, contractions, bleeding, cramping or any loss of fluid from the vagina, decreased movement of your baby, fever over 100.4 degrees, severe or sudden swelling (face, hands, ankles, or feet), or blurred vision should be reported to your doctor immediately.
Q12. Can a female drink alcohol during pregnancy?
Ans: There is no real “safe” level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. Even drinking less than one drink per week can result in serious birth defects. Moreover, consuming alcohol can also impact the learning ability and growth of the baby and increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome or Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
Q13. Can a female get in the hot tub or sauna during pregnancy?
Ans. Hot tubs or saunas can increase the core body temperature and that can be dangerous to the developing fetus, so we recommend that do not use them in pregnancy. Tub baths however are fine.
Q14. What extra nutrients do I need in pregnancy?
You need to eat nutrient-dense foods as your nutrient requirements increase during pregnancy.Important nutrients include protein, iron, calcium and folate.A folate supplement before conception and for the first three months of pregnancy is also recommended,.Iron and calcium need to be taken from second trimester onwards or earlier if the woman is anemic however for any supplementation one needs to contact her doctor .A nutritionistcan help you to plan and implement a healthy pregnancy eating plan.
Q15. What is thrush ?
Thrush is a fungal infection that is a common pregnancy discomfort. During pregnancy, your vagina is rich in a sugar called glycogen, which helps thrush grow. However, if you’re getting frequent bouts of thrush, see your doctor.